Lakhbir Kaur

 Meet recent participant in our Trauma Informed training programme, Lakhbir Kaur  


"I have always worked with vulnerable adults. For the last two and a half years I have been receiving referrals from probation and delivering programmes to women in the criminal justice system. I am passionate about working with an organisation with a similar ethos and belief as myself.

A senior manager informed me of the One Small Thing training days. It is closely linked with the way we work and Dr Covington’s work comes highly recommended

The most challenging aspect of my work is keeping to deadlines and targets

If there was one small thing I could do to improve for prison residents, it would first of all be to review whether they should be sent to prison in the first place. For those in prison right now, it would be to provide more programmes to support their development. After completing the training I feel that I now have some tools to help improve our trauma informed approach with women and staff. I will certainly be using man of them and the exercises with our women. 

My dad is my hero. He inspired me so much because he stood for the truth and said it as it was, which I admired and respected. 

When I’m not working, I relax by going for walks, gardening, meditating and painting.

My motto for life is to live truthfully and respectfully. Also do not hurt other’s feelings. My faith also emphasis this."

Photograph by Roo Kendall

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