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Podcast: Episode 28
In Conversation with - Gary Mansfield

In our first episode after the summer break, Edwina talks to artist and podcast producer, Gary Mansfield, about discovering art and creativity whilst serving a 14 year prison sentence. Gary talks about his experiences of crime and prison life, the importance of creativity in helping turn his life and the lives of others around and his art, exploring issues of identity and justice. Gary is also a trustee of Koestler Arts.


Podcast: mind your own business
Lady Edwina Grosvenor - Life Inside Prisons

During our last round of training with the Long Term High Secure Estate officers at UKFast offices in Manchester, Edwina was interviewed by the company’s founder and CEO, Lawrence Jones MBE for his podcast Mind Your Own Business. Listen in to hear Edwina talk about her life and work and what inspired her to found her own charity, One Small Thing.

Podcast: Episode 27
In Conversation with - Dolly Sen

In this episode Edwina talks to artist, mental health activist and all round extraordinary and brilliant being, Dolly Sen. Dolly talks to Edwina about her childhood, her experience of psychosis, mood disorder and PTSD, and how the multiple diagnoses affected her ability to live a normal life. She also talks about how she has survived - and befriended - the voices in her head. 

For more information about Dolly’s work, go to her website.

If you are affected by mental illness including schizophrenia, here are some useful sites to visit for information and support:

Podcast: Episode 26
In Conversation with - Dr Stephanie Covington Ph.D

Clinician and Trauma expert Dr Stephanie Covington Ph.D runs pioneering trauma programmes in prisons all over the world. As author of the Healing Trauma intervention for women, she has been pivotal in the success of our charity’s ongoing efforts in both the male and female prisons in England and Wales.

Among the key topics explored in this episode Edwina and Stephanie consider the way men respond to the word, and the idea of trauma, while confined in hyper masculine spaces. Fascinating and compelling stuff.

The Healing Trauma research referred to in this episode is available on the One Small Thing website:’

Podcast: Episode 25
In Conversation with - Lucie Russell & Jasmine Fulcher (StreetDoctors)

What will it take to end the culture of knife crime and violence? Today’s podcast explores this question with new CEO of StreetDoctors Lucie Russell and volunteer medic Jasmine Fulcher. StreetDoctors is a UK wide youth social action movement of healthcare students volunteering their time to teach lifesaving skills to young people at risk of youth violence. The charity empowers young people to become StreetDoctors in their own communities, helping to keep themselves and others safe.  @streetdoctors

Podcast: Episode 24
In Conversation with - Simon Shepherd of The Butler Trust

We all know that prisons get a huge amount of bad press. However, behind the negative headlines, there are lots of good things going on in our jails. Someone who has dedicated his working life to exploring and celebrating the good in prisons is today’s guest, Simon Shepherd. “I want to highlight the good work that goes on in the [prison] estate, highlight the good work that goes on in prisons and help to identify lessons learned that the prison service can draw on,” he says. Simon is the Director of The Butler Trust, a charitable organisation that recognises, celebrates, develops and disseminates outstanding work and best practice across UK prisons, probation and youth justice. He also leads the Good Book of Prisons and has - to date - travelled 17,210 miles, visiting 102 prisons and meeting with 2,067 staff and prisoners. The results will be published in August 2019.

You can follow The Butler Trust on twitter here: @ButlerTrust

Podcast: Episode 23
In Conversation with - Inspector Michael Brown OBE

In our latest episode Edwina speaks to police inspector and mental health advocate, Inspector Michael Brown, OBE, West Midlands Police. Until very recently Michael was the Mental Health Coordinator for the College of Policing and National Police Chiefs’ Council. His award winning blog explores policing, mental health and criminal justice..

You can follow him on twitter here: @mentalhealthcop

Podcast: Episode 22
In Conversation with - Marian Partington

Marian Partington’s deep interest in healing threads through her work as a homœopath for thirty years, in prisons and schools as a story teller and facilitator for The Forgiveness Project since 2005, and as a writer. Her book If You Sit Very Still offers ‘an extraordinary story of inner movement and growth’ (Rowan Williams) as she engages fiercely with the traumatic loss of her sister Lucy who was murdered by Fred and Rosemary West. 


Click here to purchase Marian’s book

Podcast: Episode 21
In Conversation with - Alexandra

In her early twenties, Alexandra was raped. Seven years on, we hear her story and learn how she was treated by the criminal justice system once her case was brought to court. 

If you have been a victim of rape, there are many places you can go for help. These include Rape Crisis:

For help and information about support available including IDSVAs – Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisers and SARCs – Sexual Assault Referral Centres - as mentioned specifically in the episode, go to: Telephone 0808 801 0818

For male rape and sexual abuse support, go to:

Podcast: Episode 20
In Conversation with - Helen McGinn

Edwina is joined by author, newspaper columnist and wine expert Helen McGinn, whose younger brother Tim was murdered in London in 2002.

Helen’s website and blog can be found here: 

Podcast: Episode 19
One Small Thing Trauma Conference - Leeds 2019

In this episode we report live from the first ever One Small Thing Conference – Working With Trauma - held in Leeds in March 2019. With keynote speeches from Dr Stephanie Covington and Dr Karen Treisman, the conference brought together a range of experts and practitioners to share ideas, knowledge and network together about #workingwithtrauma

Podcast: Episode 18
In Conversation with - Penelope Gibbs

In this episode Edwina explores the language of criminology with Penelope Gibbs, a champion of improvements to the UK justice system and the founder of charity organisation Transform Justice.

Podcast: Episode 17
Edwina On The Road - at The Clink in Brixton Prison

In this week’s episode, Edwina goes through the gates of Brixton Prison to explore how it's prisoner-staffed restaurant, The Clink, is bringing reoffending rates down and changing lives for the better.

Podcast: Episode 16
IN CONVERSATION WITH - Marina Cantacuzino

On this episode Edwina talks to Marina Cantacuzino. Award-winning journalist, TED speaker and founder of The Forgiveness Project ( - a charity which collects and shares stories from individuals and communities who have rebuilt their lives following hurt and trauma.

Podcast: Episode 15

In this week’s episode Edwina speaks to Cheryl Stepton, Managing Director & Proprietor of the Cavendish School providing education for excluded children.

Podcast: Episode 14

In this week’s episode Edwina speaks to Noel Williams, Youth & Justice Consultant who has also had first-hand experience within the criminal justice system.

Podcast: Episode 13

Edwina speaks to journalist and author, Sathnam Sanghera about the role of the media in the criminal justice system.

Podcast: Episode 12

Edwina speaks to author, The Guardian contributor and ex-prisoner, Erwin James about Christmas behind bars.

Podcast: Episode 11
Edwina on the Road - at Staffordshire Women's Refuge

Edwina is back on the road, taking the short trip from Drake Hall Prison to see how women suffering trauma are being helped and supported by Staffordshire Women's Aid.

Podcast: Episode 10
Edwina on the Road - at Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire

This week Edwina pays a visit to Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire. She hears from Governor Carl Hardwick about how the staff there are dealing with the issue of trauma.

Podcast: Episode 9
In Conversation with - Dr Stephanie Covington

This week, Edwina meets American clinician, consultant and lecturer Dr 
Stephanie Covington to talk about her pioneering work focussed on gender 
responsive and trauma informed services.

Podcast: Episode 8
Edwina On The Road - behind the scenes on Coronation Street

Earlier this year Edwina visited Weatherfield to learn about troubled 
mother of three Abi Franklin who's struggled to get back on track after 
prison and addiction. Edwina meets Coronation Street story editor 
Lindsay Williams and Sally Carman who plays Abi in the world's longest 
running tv serial.

Podcast: Episode 7
In Conversation with - Katherine Sacks-Jones

This week Edwina talks to Katherine Sacks-Jones - Chief Executive of the 
campaign group AGENDA and co-chair of the Government's Mental Health 
Task Force - about the multiple issues women face inside and outside the 
criminal justice system.

Podcast: Episode 6
In Conversation with - Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Edwina speaks to Human Rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy QC about 
her new book Eve Was Shamed and how she feels the criminal justice 
system is failing women.

Podcast: Episode 5
In Conversation with - Dr Shona Minson

This week, Edwina meets barrister turned criminologist Dr Shona Minson 
to discuss her work around the welfare of children of women and men who 
end up in prison.

Podcast: Episode 4
Stories of Trauma Survival - Maya's Story

Edwina concludes her series of conversations with women who've survived 
trauma both outside and inside prison. This week she speaks to Maya.

Please note, some listeners may find the content distressing or triggering.

Podcast: Episode 3
Stories of Trauma Survival - Tina’s story

Edwina continues her four part series in which she speaks to women who have survived trauma both outside and inside prison. In Episode 3, she hears Tina's Story.

Please note, some listeners may find the content distressing or triggering.

Podcast: Episode 2
Stories of Trauma Survival - Clare’s story

Edwina continues her series in which she speaks to four women who have suffered trauma both outside and inside prison. In this episode she meets Clare.

Please note, some listeners may find the content distressing or triggering. 

Podcast: Episode 1
Stories of Trauma Survival - Katie’s Story

Edwina begins a four part series in which she speaks to four women who have suffered trauma both outside and inside prison. In this episode Katie tells her story.

Please note, some listeners may find the content distressing or triggering. 

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— Malcolm X