Claire Hubberstey

One Small Chat with Claire Hubberstey, CEO of One Small Thing

“I have spent a long time running crisis response services, dealing with the aftermath once things have gone horrendously wrong for people. This was an opportunity to fundamentally change the way we do things and hopefully reduce the number of people ending up in crisis. Chances like that don’t come along very often!


Edwina convinced me to take the role at OST without having to try much, I was totally sold on her vision and wanted to be a part of it

I was originally a teacher, but seeing how tough life was for some of the young people I taught, I quit education to go and work in the charity sector where I have been working in or running services for the last 13 years.

The opportunity we have here to affect real and lasting change to the way we respond and support vulnerable people is the most exciting aspect of my job. There is so much we can do.

The biggest challenge for OST and the work we are doing is, without doubt, the system. Working with and at times against a system not designed or geared up for change is a steep hill to climb, but we’re trying, one small thing at a time.

My motto for life is to be courageous and kind. Why? You’ll never regret being either and it helps to remind yourself of what you aspire to when faced with a tricky situation.

I have lots of heroines but in a professional capacity, I’d have to say Edwina is mine. Her dedication and perseverance to improving the criminal justice system, particularly for women is hugely admirable. Over the last 20 years she has been able to affect real change and that is such a rare thing.”

Photograph by Roo Kendall

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